The Manifesto

If you’d like to start a Million Monkeys chapter for writers in your area, please go ahead! We do ask that you adhere the very simple Million Monkeys Manifesto:

– Million Monkeys write-ins must not be run for profit.

– Million Monkeys write-ins must be open to all.

– The primary aim of a Million Monkeys write-in is to get writing done.

– The secondary aim of a Million Monkeys write-in is to provide a community for independent writers.

There’s one last requirement, which is that all Million Monkeys chapters should acknowledge this website and manifesto. We’ve applied a Creative Commons License to this page, which means that it may be copied freely as long as it is not modified, not used for commercial purposes and as long as attribution is given – by which we mean a link to this page, so that anyone can see where the idea came from and find out how to set up their own chapter.

Creative Commons License

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